Since 2005, Neutral Ground has been Wisconsin’s premier martial arts & functional fitness academy by offering unique classes with a welcoming and “down to earth” atmosphere. Here’s a little background of Neutral Ground Founder and owner of Neutral Ground Milwaukee and Bayview.


Neutral Ground Stevens Point (NGSP) was established in 2013. We take pride in the success of our students through the improvement of their lives. Our students are dedicated to getting in better shape, improving themselves mentally, and having fun in our classes while learning and improving in their chosen art! We currently offer classes in Jiu Jitsu, Kickboxing and Mixed Martial Arts. In 2017, we have added Sixel’s Ciruit FIT. A 30 minute circuit training workout that can be done at any point throughout the day and a trainer is with you every step of the way offering encouragement and helping with technique.

A Little About Neutral Ground Stevens Point Owner / Head Coach Mike Sixel

Mike Sixel has over 25 years’ experience in the martial arts. He started martial arts with his dad Dave Sixel in the disciplines of Taekwondo, Judo and Hapkido. In 2005, Mike moved to Oregon to join world famous Team Quest and pursue a mixed martial arts career. After fighting at the amateur and professional level for a couple years, Mike moved back to Stevens Point in 2012 with his wife Alisha and Daughter Amahni. In March 2013 they opened up Neutral Ground Stevens Point.

•Teaches MMA/Pankration, Jiu Jitsu, and Kickboxing
•3rd Dan Black Belt in Kyukido (an organization that combined Taekwondo, Judo, and Hapkido)
•Junior Black belt of the year (1994)
•5th Dan Black Belt in Pankration
•Purple Belt in Jiu Jitsu
•Ranked #1 in the State in Point Sparring (1996-1998)
•Ranked #2 on North American Sport Karate Association circuit (2000)
•Competed and coached internationally in Greece, Mexico, Scotland, England, Portugal, and Russia
•Trained under UFC and IFL Vets Randy Couture, Matt Lindland, Ed Herman, Chris Wilson, Nate Quarry, and Ryan Shultz
•Coached by renowned coaches Robert Follis, Greg Thompson, Dave Sixel, and Jon Friedland
•Competed in 18 Amateur and Professional MMA Fights with a professional record of 5-1
•Currently affiliated with USAFPA, Sixel's USA Martial Arts & Fitness, and Jon Friedland of NG Milwaukee